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Beyond Diversity
Equality, inclusivity and empathy were the words that shape nowness. So, let’s discover the diversity directions that every brand needs to embrace to stay relevant in a world where identities are becoming more complex than ever.
Financial Wellness Report
The pandemic has an unprecedented impact on our lives and our finances, especially for younger generations. Consumers are prioritizing financial wellness. We highlight how Covid-19 is changing attitudes toward money, and the opportunities for brands to build people’s confidence and alleviate concerns.
Business Unusual
Technology has changed the way we work, shop, sell, commute, entertain, communicate. Alex Manos, CEO of VALUECOM, presents the challenges and opportunities of a new era where disruptive technologies will change the way we live, work and think.
Food and Beverage in the Post Covid-19 Era
The post Covid-19 era finds consumers stepping outside familiar patterns and transitioning to a ‘new normal’. Find out analytically how the food system is being reset and discover the new trends on F&B that are here to stay!
Beauty Trends in the Post Covid-19 Era
Make a deep dive into the challenges and opportunities for the beauty industry via a report that covers the future trends for skincare / haircare / make-up, product development and brand engagement directives.
The life changing transition to parenthood
Explore the emerging trends defining the life-changing transition to parenthood. Discover how you can offer support with products and services that aid conception, streamline newborn care, and address newfound anxieties.

For the last three years we have collaborated with the Delphi Economic Forum,
the leading regional Conference on politics, business and the economy. 

We curate & produce the Digital Disruption Sessions, a track of sessions that focus on the global trends arising
from the convergence of marketing & technology, digital transformation, sustainability and socially responsible growth policies.

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